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As your MDP i seek to encourage my fellow Leos to perceive a certain way, a
certain thought process that may help each individual to develop oneself and
even the whole community of ours as we are a respectable part of it. To name
this process as the theme of this year i hereby reveal the slogan


I choose a realistic approach to explain this thought process. Lets imagine a
child who has been asked a question for the first time, that what he/she would
like to become in future. That's when the child perceives his/her likings for the
first time and eventually it becomes a DREAM. Now the child indulges into the
ACTIONS which are needed to be performed to achieve the dream. If the
actions are correct the child one day grows up and achieves what he/she
dreamt for and in return INSPIRES the upcoming generations.

So, friends.. Keeping in mind this human behavioural process i want all the
members of Leo program to start afresh like a child with a DREAM. Perceive
what you want to be, decide at what level you want yourself and your local,
national & international community to be.

And when we will connect with each individual of this growing Multiple 323
who want to make a difference, we will adopt the second phase of our process,
that is to ACT. As the Leo movement's objective elucidate, we shall all
collectively and passionately Act on the accomplishment of our dreams.
Dreams which turn big when a number of members, clubs, districts get
associated, their hearts get associated, their minds get associated and all
together it becomes an adrenaline rush that flows in the blood of each Leo
throughout. Commit to an initiative, reach out to someone who has
recognized you as a leader, show people who you are. This feeling and power in
actions become an assurance that the dreams will be achieved.

Such achievements bring more enthusiasm and sparks. This leads to third
phase of our process which is to INSPIRE. No matter who you are, giving back
and inspiring others comes equipped with many benefits. You never know
who you are going to impact and who will be in position to reciprocate if you
ever find yourself in need. Inspiring others leaves a legacy which our PMDPs
and LION dignitaries have left for us to cherish. We will be amazed at the way
inspiring others makes us feel. In fact, it is the only feeling that rivals the one
you get when you realize, you have achieved your dream... further
encouraging you to target even more bigger dreams.
So all my skillful, talented, leading Leos .....

Lets DREAM big
ACT passionately
INSPIRE a positive change in the society..


With Leoistic Regards ,
Leo Tejas B.Mehta
Centtenial Multiple District President
MD 323 INDIA 2016-2017.

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